Does it Rain in Spain in May

One of the great unpredictable things about the weather in Malaga is that it is just that. Unpredictable. Well, between December and May it is. After 16 years of living in Malaga area I could not tell you what the weather is going to be like.

Checking out the flowers walking in the fields of Andalucia close to the town of Villanueva del Trabuco.

Picking olives at barrio San Isidro near to the top of Sierra Gibalto. Villanueva del Trabuco is in the distance.

The first year it was a very cold and sunny winter with very little rain. The next winter was warm and sunny but with great downpours, the next year a mixture and so on.

We are now in May, the flowers in the fields are blooming, red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, you name it and its there. The area around Villanueva del Trabuco is absolutely beautiful.

The fields are still very green with patches of bright red poppies whilst the edges are a mixture of all colours. This is due to the European ruling for farmers to block off the end tube when spraying for weeds. This was brought in to encourage insects, bees and butterfly numbers.

Just as I thought there was no more rain due, although thunderstorms were, we got a 10 minute deluge. Its not as if we needed it! This winter was very wet and we have sufficient water to last us for two years.

But, like I say, next winter may be very dry and so we need to keep what water we have in the reservoirs, just in case.

What about the summer weather?

Don’t worry. Usually, from the end of May until the second week of September, you are lucky to see a cloud, never mind rain. The summers around La Nava are dry and hot but not humid. It is a very pleasant warmth. If, like me, you are obsessed by the weather or, you are planning a holiday in Malaga, check out this Spanish weather link.

Channel 4 A Place in the Sun

Channel 4 A Place in the Sun & Mi Pueblo come to Villanueva del Trabuco

 a place in the sun 2018

A Place in the Sun is a TV program aired in the UK by Channel 4. This is not to be confused with the Stevie Wonder song “A place in the sun”. Two entirely different things. Both popular though.

The program, A Place in the Sun takes couples from the freezing cold, windswept and grey clouded UK and jets them off to Spain. OK, not just Spain, they do other locations but I’m not interested in that.

The host of the show shows couples several types of properties for sale that they can afford. The couples view the properties and then decide if they want to buy them or not. Whilst that is happening, the host shows them around the area and points out the great things and the not so great things.

Villanueva del Trabuco A Place in the Sun & Mi Pueblo

This week, the host of the show “A Place in the Sun” the delightful Jasmine Harman, was showing people around the village. I caught a glimpse of her and the film crew outside bar La Plaza. As usual I made sure to keep out of shot. I know they soon left to film elsewhere and I got on with my business.

The thing is, not just the Channel 4 people have been to film in Trabuco. Last week, Canal Sur, A Spanish channel were here to film an episode of “Mi Pueblo” (My Town or village). This is another very popular TV series in Spain.

Again, the host show you, the viewer, around the village or town and point out all the great things to see and do. This is excellent news for the village.

Although we already have a video on Youtube that does the same sort of thing, a main channel program is great.

The program “Mi Pueblo” will be shown on March 24th, according to the town hall website. Visitors to Spain will be able to see the program live. If I can get the same on Youtube, I will post it to this Blog and share it on the social media.

Anyone wanting the link can check out this Blog.